The Great Pork Debacle

So, New Zealand awoke today to the reality of pig farming. Yes, it would seem that some of those amongst us actually believed that pigs roamed free, rolled in mud and did all things piggy, before being slaughtered. Enter intensive farming, with crate-reared animals who cannot move, with some staying cooped up like this for up to five years.
I think its about time the public became aware – informed means making CONSCIOUS choices, and its about time the ‘out of mind, doesnt affect me’ belief system was shaken at the core.
Hurah! to those in-touch beings who brought this to the news. May it continue to rage amongst the headlines – to educate the humans and liberate (eventually) the animals.
Next issue should be cleaning and personal products. If you cannot accept or cope with the concept of vivisection (which, by the way, is quite normal) then shop consciously!! There are so many alternatives on the market!!!
wakey wakey…. 2009 is upon us 😉


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