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Detoxing in Thailand
June 1, 2011

Sawasdeekah! I’m in Thailand again.  After being quite over the place last year when I left, I’ve returned with a fresh mind, ready to enjoy the experience!

I didn’t stop long in Bangkok, before heading up to my health haven ‘ Tao Garden’ in Chiang Mai.  The place changed me, changed my life, last year, so there was no question about going back or not.  Designed by Grand Master Mantak Chia, Tao Garden is a health resort designed according to ‘feng shui’.  There are ‘town houses’ located on the property, there are meditation halls over bodies of water, and the restaurant is open sided and also over water – the water has enormous carp swimming around which you catch a glimpse of every now and then. Accommodation comes in varying levels, from basic to deluxe, I’m going with superior.  The townhouses that have the rooms (3-4 each) are privately owned, so decorated to the individual taste of the owners, although all of them keep a Thai (lana) twist.  Top this off with organic food, natural spring water, qi kung, Chinese yoga and meditation classes, an awesome, deep, swimming pool (containing no chlorine), a gym (open sided)… and a vast array of awesome diagnostic tools and treatments, some of which are banned in all English speaking countries – ie ozone therapy.. well, the place just rocks!

And there’s the major draw card ‘ Dr William’ – a western MD, Chinese doctor and naturopath, this guys knowledge is mind blowing.  People go to TG from far and wide just to see him (like me).

After my catch up and consult with William, I left with some bits and pieces as follow ups for my thyroid and adrenal glands, and a list of recommended treatments / things to do, during my two week stay.

Treatments I had included two foot ionizing detox baths – after the first one (on my first day) the water was a hideous brown, indicating its come from the intestines, according to the colour chart.  Interestingly, after two colonics my next foot spa was clear! And about those colonics.. yeah, not pleasant, but for half an hour of my life, I coped.  The first one I had, the waste was sucked back out, so no pushing involved.  I was lying on my back, watching the proceedings via a strategically placed ceiling mirror.  Second time around I was semi upright in a chair that looked perfect for helping women deliver babies  – legs spread with feet resting on padded edges, ‘jesus bars’ to hang onto on the sides (im sure theyre just for assisting getting in and out of the chair, not for the pushing process), and a mirror to the lower left hand side – for ease of viewing. This time around, I did have to push and I was exhausted by the end – no baby in-sight though J

I did an ‘F Scan’ for parasitic cleansing.  You hold onto a metal rod that is attached to a special machine – and it does a reading of what’s living inside you.  Anything lower than 13 is pretty good, I came through at a 10 – so, to get rid of those parasites you then hold on to two metal bars attached to the same machine, and it kills parasites by emitting pulses through your hands, of which you barely feel.  Apparently, parasites detest vibration. So this machine can kill them with their carcasses then being passed naturally by the body.

There’s a comprehensive ‘massage menu’ available, had to partake in a few of those!   Not your typical $2 Thai special either.  I had two that were ‘clothes on, no oil’ style, which were amazing, a lymph massage, which was my first ever, and the two signature massages of TG  – ‘Chi Nei Tsung’ – Abdominal Massage, and Karsei Nei Tsung – Genital Massage.  All I can say is ‘wow’!!  I had both last year, so had to do the same again this year, although I had mostly the abdominal one. Translated, they are ‘chasing the wind’ massages, and I’ve never had anything like it.   You don’t know your own abdomen after one session, and after a few of them, feels like heaven.  The therapist can get it so soft and pliable – layers of muscles worked, energy blocks released.. then there’s the genital one.. and yes, the therapist does ‘go inside’ for that one, on both men and women. I cant comment too much on the mens, except to say I’ve only heard rave reviews about it, akin to the female one – hurts like hell at the time, but afterwards, you feel amazing.  Imagine (ladies) a finger inside you, feeling as if its going to get a hold of your fallopian tubes (eventually) and pull them back out through your vagina… yes, I’m serious.  I was feeling things in my lower back, sciatic relief, a releasing.. so powerful and no, nothing sexual about it at all! Very far from it!

I had acupuncture, with the lovely (and amazing) Dr Wang.  He was the first Chinese acupuncturist Id ever had when he treated me last year.  The language barrier is endearing – he laughs when I find a needle too strong, or uncomfortable.  But he really is an amazing practitioner.

I had a ‘far infrared sauna’ – supposedly a fantastic way to detox, but for me, a sauna is still a sauna, and though I stuck out the 30 mins inside, I had a thumping headache within a few hours of finishing.

I did a kidney cleanse – a 3 day programme of nothing more than a tea in them morning, with supplementation.  The liver cleanse, slightly more involved.  I’ve done two before and cant say I’ve enjoyed either one! Though this time, I was able to keep the oil and lemon juice down, and I was able to finish all 4 glasses of the Epsom salts.  To prepare, you have 3 apple juices during the day – 0900, 1100 and 1300, to help start softening gallstones.  Fasting begins at 2pm, and at 6pm, the first dose of Epsom salts.  Incredibly concentrated in magnesium, the salts usually go through me at a hell of a rate, but I handled them a bit better this time around, well, for the first two hours or so.  And I was given fresh lime to suck on after my ‘shot’ of salts, that definitely helped.  Someone suggested drinking warm water after the salts, but that felt too much like prolonging it to me.. second dose of salts at 8pm, then olive oil and lemon at 10pm – after which you get into bed, lying on your right hand side, and let the oil do its thing.  Im not entirely sure of the whys and hows, I just know this is one of the oldest methods for cleaning the liver and removing gallstones. The next day I had salts again at 0600 and 0800, after which I was finally done.  Gallstones can come in a few different colors – greens, brown, red.. they all mean something, ie the red are ‘cholesterol laden’ and actually sink.  I had some ‘green floaters’, which is very normal, but I was disappointed that I didn’t have bowlfuls like some of the others.

I hung out in the ‘vibration room’ each day – where my ‘qi’ was stimulated and my healing continued.  There was a ‘kidney qi’ bed, that vibrated from underneath, up into the kidneys.  Id set the timer for 5 minutes, and then bask in the ‘after shocks’ when my time was up.  It’s the weirdest feeling.  Another machine at the end of a bed, with rest places for the ankles – when you start it, it moves your legs side to side, about 8-10cm total.  Feels nice on the lower back, and is particularly good for adrenals.  The third, was one you sit on, which sends vibrations through your whole body – all in the name of qi.. my favorite was a ‘foot ‘ one, available to use in the medical centre.  The most amazing feeling, when its finished, yet again.

In between treatments, I was socializing with other guests, relaxing and enjoying being lazy in general. Visit for more, keep an eye out for specials, they make a stay impossible to beat.