Interview with Michael Lowsier on the Law Of Attraction – Gab With The Gurus Radio show

So, I listened to this podcast interview recently, and found it SO good, i decided to transcribe it so that it could be shared!  It was an interview done on ‘Gab with the gurus’ radio show.  lots of great interviews, check it out!

Heres the bullet points on the interview:

–       First, clean up negativity. Serendipity, meant to be etc, IS LOA

–       LOA is all about vibration. A vibe, which is a mood or a feeling.  Two kinds of feelings, positive or negative, from moods/ feelings, which happen thousands of times a day.

–       Our feelings cause a vibe to be emitted, feelings indicate the vibe youre sending.

–       LOA is ‘eaves dropping’.  Picks up on the vibe where sending.  Job description for LOA ‘match vibrations’ so if positive or negative, LOA will match

–       You get what you want, what you vibrate.  Ie do you want more money? Or do you want to BUY something with the money?

–       Abundance is a feeling – send the vibration more often, the way you want it to be

– find things in ur life that u can deem as abundant (free coffee, discount etc) LOA responds to how you FEEL about it.

–       ‘im abundant’ – (and notice the things that make u feel that way)

–       ‘celebrate in the moment’ – get excited about things in your own head

–       ie someone offers to pay for dinner, don’t argue, say ‘thankyou’

–       seek the things you can deem as being abundant.

–       Abundance / grateful.. all high on the scale, all count. The more youre grateful for things ,the more abundance youll get

–       Only be grateful if it feels good

–       Journal at night, the abundance things that happened during the day.  Celebrate the evidence of your abundanceness

–       Affirmations don’t work.  Teach us to state something as if its true, when its not.  If it feels good, its ok.. (eg, obese – saying ur thin and lean.. whats the inner voice saying? How does it feel? And what vibration does it bring) POSITIVE AFFIRMATION, CAN HAVE A NEGATIVE VIBRATION


–       Be sensitive to your own vibrational meter – how do u FEEL about what you say.

–       LOA is matching the vibration youre sending – whatever the situation (poor customer service, bad relationships, weight etc.. until the vibration gets fixed) RESET the vibrations – so as we talk about what we DON’T like or DON’T want.. we just attracted it.

–       Three words that cause us to attract things we don’t want, ideally eliminate : don’t, not and no.  eg if you searched ‘no football’ it will bring up a heap of hits.  No sex, sex sites, no hockey, hockey sites.. so it doesn’t decipher the don’t, it still brings that thing to us.  LOA doesn’t know if you do or don’t want it, it just manifests, cos its attracted to vibration.

–       Do you wonder at your vibration? Look at any area in your life.. it’s a perfect match.. money? Open your wallet, boyfriends or girlfriends? Whats happening there.. the only way to attract something different is ot send a different vibration

–       ELIMINATE DON’T, NOT AND NO – use, instead ‘so what DO I want’? which will reset the vibration! Eg ‘don’t be late’ – so what do I want? ‘don’t slam the door – what do I want? Close the door quietly.. don’t be late – what do I want, be on time..

–       Weight loss, kick sugar etc.. attract it! Information, resources etc.. to help them.  LOA wont delete the weight over night..

–       ‘im in the process of attracting resources and info on reducing my body weight’ – reduce, not lose, cos unconsciously, you try to FIND things you lose!  Then you launch the vibration

–       EFT (

–       exercise – draw a circle, write do, not and no in it, and then draw a big DO NOT USE line in it! Imprint it in your mind – underneath it write ‘what DO I want’? when someones complaining, all theyre saying is what they don’t want. So what DO they want!

–       Negativity when you don’t get what you wanted, and youre down.. what to do? Accept.. what DO you want? Ideal job, etc.. 1) identify what you WANT, 2) once you know what you want, give it attention (talk about it, notice it, make a collage, dream about it..), 3) ALLOW it (very important!) allowing is: the absence of doubt J  doubt is negative vibration.. (no, im too old, too fat, too poor etc.. so ANY negativity can rule out the good.. +10 for the desire, -10 for the doubt means you wont get what you want. The negative vibration of your doubt is cancelling the positive vibration of your desire! Strong desire and SOME doubt, is a little bit of a manifestation.. making it happen it two weeks or two years.. the only thing that blocks manifestation is negative vibrations.  The speed at which LOA will manifest your desire is in direct proportion to how much doubt you have.

–       Allowing is the absence of doubt, and doubt cancels the positive vibration for the desire.

–       The biggest mistake ppl make with LOA, is working too hard.  Its not complicated.  (its too easy, it will never work.. ok, youre RIGHT) eg..


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