Top 10s of the Countries Ive Been to Lately

OK, so ive done a fair bit of travel since mid april.  I arrived back to Autstralia at easter time, from Antarctica, and this is what happened – Thailand, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and back to Thailand again, where I am currently, enjoying hanging out in Chiang Mai.

So for each country, Im going to sum up ten of the ‘things’ that stick in my mind about each place, the impression that was made, and left!


1) Tuk tuks

2) Massage

3) Lady boys

4) Pad thai

5) Starbucks

6) Green coconuts

7) Night markets

8) Sawasdee ka!

9) Massage

10) Instant coffee


1) Headscarf

2) ‘Beigeness’

3) Make up

4) BIG hair (under their headscarves.. yes, they really do rock BIG hair!)

5) No personal space

6) Warm people

7) No credit card facilities

8) No ATM machines

9) Chicken and rice

10) Dont laugh too much in public, or sing, or touch someone, or look at someone too long, or smile at someone of the opposite sex…


1) English speakers!

2) KL (beautiful!)

3) Palms

4) Oyster sauce (in the Chinese areas)

5) Starbucks (free wifi)

6) Twin towers

7) Acupuncture, chinese medicine, tui na..

8) Air Asia

9) Warnings of ‘hand baggers’ (thieves)

10) Culture


1) Cigarettes

2) Smiles

3) HEAT!

4) Cigarettes

5) Advertising for cigarettes

6) Chilli (Sumatra)

7) Islam

8) Friendlness

9) Cigarettes

10) GREEN , amazing countryside


1) Cigarettes


3) The Great Wall

4) Forbidden City

5) Ruthless hawkers / street vendors

6) Spitting (and the noisy ‘hoiking’ that goes before the spit)

7) Grey skies

8) Loud voices! (you get a call on your mobile? YELL, you knock on a hotel room door? LOUDLY!)..

9) No personal space

10) Not half as much English in Beijing as what others will tell you..





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