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October 28, 2011

So, Im still in Thailand – gymming, relaxing and generally enjoying life.  skinny? not yet.  happy? mostly.  feel like LCHF isnt working? sometimes.  Find LCHF not so easy to do in asia? yes.  and so it goes on..

Im still not sleeping that well, even with the prescribed pregnenolone – I had high hopes from that stuff.  And as for the herbal sleepers from my chinese doctor in KL, bloody expensive but boy do they work!  Never ceases to amaze me!  But why am I not sleeping?  Coming back around in the circle – adrenals.  So this weekend, I pick up some more adrenal ‘medicine’ – tablets again (although I rate the cortex liquid i used last year) however, the pills contain some cortex so… and Im waiting on my second lot of hair analysis test results.  I thought that would strip me of weight really fast, but Im learning, for some of us out there, LCHF doesnt happen as fast as it does for others, and i think thats really unfair!   😦  But, a day at a time, the ups and the downs.  And life goes on.

I was going to stop dairy, but Iv just been shopping and bought more cream – frozen berries, lots of almonds and some cream, a good filling meal option.  And what is with the nut situation in SE Asia?  Its not easy to find plain, unsalted, unhoney-ed, unroasted, untoasted etc nuts – really ,its not!   But the baking section in a supermarket usually has something plain.

Thanks to my legend ‘Jimmy Moore’, i found a great website today ‘’ (and developed a certain crush on a certain man in that site, but i wont say more than that!) check it out though, its awesome.

So as my friends are all out of town (eeeek) i wont be enjoying my saturday night ribeye at my favourite restaurant here, ugh!  Got to hang in there until next weekend, when we reunite, and the night before I leave Thaiand – Antarctic bound.

until then, eggs, butter, cream… come on down (to my plate!)