Low Carb in Antarctica

This is going to be a brief post – im in bed writing, iv had one of my herbal sleepers… so il fit in what i can, before i sleep.

speaking of sleep, god its something you miss when you cant get it easily! However, lately Ive had a good run, yay!! Im in a smaller room this season in Antarctica, with no window, and I think thats heavenly!  Theres only two out of four rooms occupied in my corridor, and we have a fire escape at the end of a short hall – which equals a door we can open, and a small balcony outside! Lets in mega sunlight, keeps the rooms cool and is generally just uber cool to hang out in!

So, I got a darker shade of red / brown this week on my ketone sticks – 3rd in line from the bottom.  THATS exciting! Perhaps the scariest part is, how easily it can come back down again, to show that there are indeed carbs hanging around in my body.  So, aim is to get it back into a darker color again AND to keep it there.

Whats the deal with being low carb / paleo in Antarctica?  Yes, all our food is frozen or tinned – there are some fresh food stuffs, but nothing to get too excited about because a) it doesnt last and b) its not organic either.  Im hot for frozen berries, which i defrost over night, for breakfast – and I add things like chia seeds, ground almonds and for fat / moisture cream (UHT though, and not organic) or greek yogurt.  The yogurt packets have only just made an appearance after resupply.

This year, the eggs are locally sourced and free ranged (local to Tassie that is), which im STOKED about!  How cool!  Lunches can be anything, meats, soup, green veges if theyre about, likewise with dinner.  I have loads of Quest protein bars and various protein powders – some whey and some vege – NOT soy, but ‘yellow pea’ – none of my protein powders have soy in them, yay!!

All our nuts have arrived – double YAY!  it was a long three weeks waiting for them to come up off the ice breaker.  We have them all – walnut, almonds, pistachio, brazil……… and seeds to.

And PLENTY of water!!!!! I have had up to 6 litres in one day, but try to have 4 per day.  Last couple of days, I havent had that much, so tomorrow is going to be about the drink!



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