LCHF Update


Ok, so heres the deal.  Still holding onto excess weight? Yes.  Still stressed about it? Yes.. etc. BUT, two days ago, the penny dropped and I thought, to hell with it, Im going to go hard-core.  Even after one day I was so stoked!! and todays been day two.  Feel like I ate more today, but its probably because I didnt eat that much – its a day off for all today, including us chefs, so its been an eggy, cheesy day for me – oh, and I had a coconut oil and protein powder smoothie for breakfast..

So what did I change?  Coffee. I was inlove with mochas – a teaspoon of milo, decafe (or a half n half, or full strength) and milk, but, yesterday i tried a long black with a shot of cream in it, HEAVENLY!  I do love the bitterness of coffee.. Today though, Ive just come from an afternoon trip out and about, and dove straight in on a decaf… mocha!! Feel guilty? Not too bad.  Was it to die for? NO.. its classic me, to give in, however, i made it a longer extraction, which = less milk, see! 🙂 We all know milks got carbs in it..

But, I scored some chocolate this arvo, while I was out at one of the huts here (in Antarctica) for tomorrow – my carb day.  I plan to let loose and do what I need, but I also plan to go extreme low carb for as long as possible.  Im hoping to see ‘the change/s’ that i hear about, read about, see pictures of etc – in others! I want that to!!

I think Ive really come to realise, only recently, just how easy it is to eat ‘hidden carbs’, theyre everywhere!! So I think back to my paleo breakfast in Thailand – frozen berries defrosted over night, with cream and maybe some greek yoghurt – carbs!! Eeeeek!! I know berries are low GI but what IF I really am gonna notice a difference with NO carbs, or less than 50gm a day?! I mean, my doc suggested it ages ago, or that maybe it was what I needed.. hmmm well, we’ll see!  Im excited, I want results now, for sure, but Il wait it out and stay motivated – although motivation is definitely NOT lacking!!

On a random note.. I dreamt about a sort of ex last night, and right before I woke up we were hugging, and he whispered to me ‘I love you’…. dam!! thats a fine dream right there!!



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