Ok, so, Im happy now because – Im sleeping again!! Easily!! 95% of the time!! How? Why? When?  Well, it was about six months of trouble sleeping, and Im here in Antarctica, where it can be hard enough as it is (24hour sunlight) and I had a brainwave to call a hypnotist.  I found a couple on Google, the first two, no answer, then I got a dude in Adelaide.  What I didnt realise, was that it goes against the law, for a hypnotist, to treat someone over the phone, whom, theyve never met.  Which was me, with this guy – dam!  But, he gave me a couple of options, including buying the ‘Sleep Better Without Drugs’ programme by a Dr. Morawetz – so buy it I did.

Had to wait for a flight to come in, to deliver it, but, it came and it delivered.  Well, ok so Dr M studies sleep and has done for years.  He is a hypnotist also.  I ripped the package open and skim read the book that came with three cds.  I put the discs onto my ipod, and that night, i listened to the relaxation piece – theres only one of them on there, and its 20 minutes long.  So along side all his advice (dark room, get up if you cant sleep after half an hour of going to bed, dont drink too much before bed etc) and BANG! i was asleep.  Actually, I do recall using one of my herbal sleepers that night to, but after – nope, clean sailing all the way.  Dr M’s advice is to follow his programme for ‘4-6 weeks’, but after five nights, I wasnt even listening to the relaxation part!! I am so blown away!! And happy!

I believe my problem was adrenal / hormone related.  I really do.  And now, being able to be asleep by 10.30pm, Im ensured Im getting that important time for my adrenals to rest and recover.  I think we really, really underestimate stress – in all its forms and types.

Im pleased to say, Im NOT addicted to caffeine again and infact, with my current extreme low carb, im now on decaf long blacks, with a shot of cream in them – divine!! Do you know how many carbs are in a teaspoon of milo (enter, my much adored mochas – which Iv ditched also)!

Rock along, sleep well, and if in doubt – purchase ‘Sleep Better Without Drugs’ – its amazing!

Mags 🙂


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