Livin Low Carb Interview – Jimmy Moore interviewing Phoenix Gilman


I felt compelled to write after listening to another of Jimmy Moores great podcasts today, with Miss (Mrs?) Phoenix Gilman.. and inspirational low carb / paleoithic, healthy, personal trainer.. author.. shes awesome!! (I say paleoithic, but I recently heard Prof Loren Cordain refer to the fact that that is one of the fundamental differences between paleo vs low carb in that dairy plays no part in a paleo lifestyle… i like dairy!).

Phoenix has a new book out – Diet Failure, The Naked Truth.  She has a naked picture (or near enough) of herself on the cover and she looks amazing!!! Is she an exception? Shes adamant that anyone can look this great, feel this good etc.  Interesting, because I was quite frustrated with my RELUCTANT WEIGHTLOSS, again, after a gym workout today. 

Phoenix is a personal trainer, and mentions how she puts her clients through two (yes, only two) workouts a week!! I love that. I mean, im definitely pro weight training, intervals, low / no cardio.. Shes the walking, living proof of that working. LOVE it. 

So, I have done some thinking and I think… I am in the process of undoing years of destruction – from chronic cardio, to ‘poisoning’ from soy to the total health muck up of eating vegan / vegetarian.. And I have been doing very low carb – lots of meat, some cream, coconut oil.. I did kind of blow that out the window last week (what was i thinking bringing chocolate to my room ‘for the trip home’?!?!) and i had some stresses, (think im premenstrual), however, im back on track today!! iv had a fantastically good atkins style day and i feel il slip back into that mode asap – of feeling so sated and satisfied.  and its really gonna be about maintaining that to, here i was expecting id be like a text book model (or like EVERYONE else who seems to shed heaps of weight in two weeks of low carb, not fair!) but, maybe the rebalancing of the body that comes with eating RIGHT will work in its own time, and this is a lifestyle choice..

im thinking i will buy her book – shes all about the connection of ‘seratonin with insulin’.. hmm thats a new one!

rock on!



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