Know me, know thyself

Ok, so, I know myself, I know how im eating, and i know the state of my hormones /glands, pretty well, though im getting more testing soon – time for an update, so some things may have changed (Im certain they have) but Im still to grips with ‘me’.

so, i had put on twitter – does anyone else have any ideas on low thryoid? any issues? lets talk’ kinda thing. and wasnt expecting what i got – which ended up being a know-all telling me i had low thyroid because I eat a paleo diet… umm excuse me? (Iv since found out, this is more common than I realised, its a new breed of paleo haters Id say). 

Here’s some of the big blatant pink elephants in the room – a) paleo is NOT necessarily low carb (do you have NO understanding about food?!) b) I, know very well my macro’s, dont ‘assume’ that because I eat a paleo diet (and lets be honest, the issue with real food is….? #JERF, there is no issue)  c) the problem with using fat for fuel is..???  d) know thy foodstuff (and read the paleo guidelines, Ive yet to see ONE paleo / low carb author say to never eat carbs. yes, even Dr Robert Atkins didnt say that, he said around what.. 15-20gms per day for INDUCTION, erm… thats like a few weeks, not months on end.   And if you’re going to come at me and bandy about some ridiculous claim like ‘paleo causes low adrenal function and low thyroid’ then for Gods sake back it up? Well, this person backed it up by sending me a link, (the first link, on the  first tweet) was to the 180 degree diet book, and then, apparently to a 690 page ‘be all and end all study’ to prove it, unfailingly (which I didnt read, for obvious reasons?!?!), and which also happened to be on the ‘180 Degree’ website, ha… funny that.  If you’re going to claim that something damaged you beyond belief, then, back it up and tell me YOUR situation.  I think this twit on twitter had a vested interest in that book for starters, and personally, if you get ill from paleo then you’re messing up somewhere, who the hell gets sick from eating real food?!?!  I mean, I assumed this person must be eating grains, if paleos ‘so bad’, but from the reply, i think not? ok, what the hell do you eat then, and HOW THE HELL, do you end up with ‘not enough carbs’ on a paleo diet? jesus, thats like SO ridiculously crazy to be too low carbed. oh hang on.. are you one of the ones that takes it to extremes? You start low carb, see results, so go even lower carb and stay on it, and on it, and on it.. were you still scared of fat when you shifted to Paleo?  Did you make adaptations to your lifestyle? Did you have too much or too little protein?

Then, apparently, I was abusive and aggressive – yeah, that was the next tactic, to throw it back on me (again) and blame me.. umm all im asking for is YOUR story, and back up to YOUR claims.. oh! hang on, theyre not YOUR claims and its not YOUR study! Because I didnt read it, I dont know about citations, peer reviews etc, but what I saw on the website was pretty dismal.. normal, boring, nothing ground breaking.  and as for the ‘twitacker’ (someone who attacks you on twitter), it turns out this person has a website, and I was aghast at how ‘poor’ it is!  Ummm, anyone can read thyroid books and do a book review on them?! and then there’s other gems like ‘to lose weight, drink water’ erm… ok, yeah, thats brilliant.  This, with the .. how do I put it, well, a few letters after the name, and some titles that, quite frankly, should mean you would know better than to say what you say, claim what you claim and not have any answers to any questions except ‘ive sent you a study, read it’?!


Ba hahahaaha


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