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DIET – Low Carb Life
March 3, 2013

Whats your deal, with diet?  do you get confused with all the info out there? 

I think ive tried them all.. I rate the whole concept of ‘’ but at that time in my life, when i did it (3 months ago, I did it for around 2 months) i blew up, in my skin.  Like a puffer fish, no loose skin anywhere, solid, blocky. so now Im scared of that diet.  😦  But, aside from the butter coffee, its still essentially a paleo diet – and I have no problem with paleo, or even with starting the day fuelling yourself with fat, i rate that, but I didnt respond (of course it feels like every dam person who does the BPE diet loses mega amounts by the day ,except me!). 

So, after that, I decided to go more ‘paleo’ instead.  For breakfast I was having a smoothie with apple, almonds, sunflower / pumpkin seeds, protein powder and MCT oil, lunch was meat and veges, (of some sort) same for dinner.. and I also cut out the raw milk I was having – hmm still not much change in weight, and I really noticed being a lot more hungrier, which I hadn’t been, with paleo, in so long.. 

Then, last week, I decided on Atkins induction – again, but now is the first time Iv been somewhere where i can go organic, fresh, etc.. so why not.  I didn’t even make the first week and then life got the best of me – which equates to having coffee, better still, mochas!! oh how divine, but this is not on atkins, especially not the induction.  That was about 5 days off the wagon, which im back on to now.  🙂 day one!  And that was just as, I think, (?) I could see some changes to 😦  and hey, im not kidding, starting the day with bacon and eggs sits so well in me, OMG, its amazing.  And Iv gone from being disgusted by bacon, to eating it regularly!  

The weight loss is a funny thing (peculiar, not haha – no one laughs when they struggle to lose weight!) Iv also had tests done – same as what Iv experienced before, hormones up the hoop and stressed adrenals :-/  i know, I woulda been best off coffee with stressed adrenals anyway, but you know, work gets in the way (and i do get up between 3-4am to go to work!, ugh) and life, and socialising.. who wouldnt want to sit with friends over a coffee?! but, its really time to flick it, again.  Rebuild the adrenals (taking adrenal extract for that), get the sex hormones balanced, keep blood sugar at a constant and.. hopefully itll be a ‘Hey Presto!’ result.  

I have experienced that before, when i first met my awesome doctor, who put me onto a paleo diet, and tested my adrenals / sex hormones.. i was pretty much the same mess that I am now, and when I look back, I can see where I should have been more vigilant with rebuilding my gland health.  I had no change for about 3 months, and then it was like a switch got flicked and i was dropping kgs like nobody’s business!  (as well as cruising along on a paleo diet) 

which makes me realise, the low-carbers are right, if you dont lose weight going low carb / paleo, then theres DEFINITELY an underlying cause, and (lesson for me) for God’s sake, stick at it, resist coffeeinated urges more, and get that health back and some results!